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Holden, MA
Unites States


Fitness and Soul is a company dedicated to offer integrative services and products, Providing personal training services, travel experiences for mental and physical retreats and education services for mental, physical and spiritual enrichment.

Kelly Valdovinos

Exercise Therapy Specialist - Master Trainer - Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Specialist - Reiki Master Teacher


"My mission is to educate and create awareness among people to experience the highest quality of life possible by embracing all medical conditions and different abilities through assertive exercise prescription, proper nutrition and mindfulness living".

It all started when...

I realized life takes a toll on our bodies...

While feeling the sequel of injuries I endured from being a member of the National Fencing Team for Mexico, at the same time watching my mother transition due to serious medical conditions observing them dilute her health, I experienced a wake up call.

I had the passion to do more....

As a National Master Trainer, I felt I could do more to help people by deepening the level of healing and strengthening as their bodies recover from injuries and medical conditions. That spark generated my interest and dedication to become an
Exercise Therapy Specialist.

Thanks to this I have been steadily and successfully working with hundreds of clients with a vast array of medical situations, that go from mild injuries to fused spines with titanium bars, all sorts of joint replacements, muscle, tendon and ligament tears, severe Scoliosis, Sacroiliitis, Cancer, double mastectomies, Parkinson, MS, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cerebrovascular Strokes (CVA), Hydrocephalus, Coronary Insufficiency, COPD, Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease, Diabetes I and II, morbid obesity, among many more.   

This is how what I do is different than what personal trainers are usually known for, and though I train athletes, bodybuilders and anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass, get leaner or defined, my focus is totally medically oriented and tailored to each person to the most and minute detail, where inches in range of motion or direction of movement patterns will make an entire difference in someone's health.

I am grateful to have the recognition of colleagues, physical therapists, and doctors of all specialties and most of all of my clients who with their smiles, sights of surprise and satisfaction give me the drive to continue doing my best to be worthy of their trust, their bodies' healing and their stories.